Offshore companies in nigeria

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Offshore companies in nigeria

Depthwize Nigeria is a world leading drilling company in Port Harcourt and Lagos, Nigeria created to provide leadership and excellence in the largely underdeveloped Nigerian inland and shallow water drilling market.

Derotech Offshore Services Limited is affiliated to pacific drilling company to form an indigenous deepwater oil drilling company in Nigeria. Niger Blossom Drilling Company Limited is the leading provider of global onshore contract drilling services and rigs maintenance. By focusing on innovative technology, world class safety practices and personnel competence. Wellsmart Drilling Nigeria Limited provides innovative and best in class drilling services while employing our indigenous capabilities in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Abu Drill Tech Limited is a drilling contracting company specializing on water borehole drilling, construction of overhead tanks, geological survey and many more. Busfac Nigeria Limited is focused on drilling of bore hole, supply of building materials and general contracts.

Nrgdrilling Limited is an oil drilling service provider in Nigeria for onshore drilling services. Petron Drilling Fields Limited is an indigenous oil and natural gas drilling company offering well site preparation, equipment supply, marine logistics and contracts. Home Submit Deals Events. Drilling Contractors. More info. Write a Review. Geoplex Limited is a Nigerian indegenious oil drilling company for upstream oil sector.

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Follow Us On. Previous 1 Next.It is therefore obvious that oil and gas companies play a significant role in the Nigerian economy. Today, Legit. Nigeria is the biggest exporter of oil and gas in Africa. According to the USA Energy Information Administration, the oil reserves of Nigeria is somewhere between 17 and 22 billion barrels; some other sources claim this figure could actually be up to 35 billion.

Nonetheless, coastal regions of the country also provide a significant amount of gas and oil. Nigeria currently has over oil fields and over active wells. On the question of the natural gas reserves, Nigeria can provide 5, square kilometers to the world; the biggest natural gas initiative in the country is provided by the Nigerian Liquefied Gas Company. Nigeria is the biggest producer of oil and gas in Africa, and a home for a lot of international oil companies.

Interestingly, the top international companies in the petroleum industry of the world also work with Nigeria. So which players in the Nigerian petroleum market are worthy of making the top list of Petroleum companies in Nigeria? Check them out below:. Addax Petroleum has a long history with the Federal Government of Nigeria. The beginning of the relationship between Addax Petroleum and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation started in The company is a part of the Chinese Sinopec Group; their major production power is concentrated in the Middle East and Africa.

The company works with over wells in Nigeria. Its net worth is estimated at more than 17 million pounds. Nexen Inc is one of the most prominent companies in the list of oil and gas companies in Nigeria.

List of oil and gas companies in Nigeria and their websites

Their main asset in Africa are offshore projects in Nigeria, which started in They are also into deep water exploration in Nigeria. This company has great interest in working with Nigeria and Nigerians. Their current financial interest of this oil giant is located in onshore assets in Atala and Oza.

Its net worth is estimated at more than 67 million pounds. It is a multinational oil and gas company which also has great interest in working with Nigeria; they have had working relations with Nigeria for over fifty years. It currently has a wide distribution network of over oil stations.

Offshore, Nigeria

The company is also involved in power generation and chemical production in Nigeria. Its net worth is estimated at more than billion dollars. Petrobras is one of the best oil and gas companies in Brazil; a lot of Nigerians like this company and dream of joining its international team. Its main focus is on oil, gas and alternative energy sources. Agip is one of the largest oil and gas companies in Nigeria.

Shell is a globally known company and a top player in the oil industry! It has been working with Nigeria for over 60 years and continues to develop new ways of cooperating with the NNPC. A lot of Nigerians also dream of working with Shell. This is the biggest Norwegian oil company in the world! It has been working with Nigeria since the early s. It is responsible for the Agbani exploration project in Nigeria.

The headquarters of this oil company is stationed in the USA.Incorporated in Nigeria inCaverton is one of the leading offshore companies in the country. The Group operates in the marine and aviation logistics sectors of the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

It was formed when Caverton Helicopters Limited and Caverton Marine Limited merged both companies were already operating in Nigeria in the offshore oil and gas logistics industry as at the time of this merger. The Caverton Group was established with the objective of leveraging its global offshore experience as well its service delivery competence of its member companies.

Also, Caverton has participated in the local content drive of the Nigerian Government which can be seen in its well-articulated and continuous manpower development plan. Additionally, the company utilizes local resources and facilities on its service delivery platforms on its way to becoming the leading marine and aviation logistics provider in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa. Currently, Caverton Offshore Support Group has a global workforce of over employees in addition to its rapidly expanding fleet of aircraft and vessels which has enable the company provide a diverse range of services to its clients ensuring their objectives are completely fulfilled from offshore to land.

The company was incorporated in and it has been at the forefront of innovation in the SPM business ever since. This innovation enabled us to provide reliable and overhaul-free operations for our clients. Every single one of the numerous Turret Buoys has been permanently operational at the lowest possible life-cycle costs in the industry — many for more than twenty-five years.

Currently, Bluewater is renowned as the leader when it comes to the design, development, lease and operation of tanker-based production and storage systems. Also, the company is the leading provider of innovative Single Point Mooring systems with over a hundred sold till date.

Bluewater is also involved in providing internal turrets, external turrets, disconnectable turrets, loading and offloading towers, CALMs and CBMs to all corners of the world.

25 top oil and gas companies in Nigeria

Most of these systems are tailor-made for their specific application, whether in benign climates, harsh environments or Arctic conditions. Incorporated inUTM Offshore Limited is a privately held Nigerian company that is a part of an indigenous conglomerate actively engaged in diverse sectors of the Nigerian and International markets.

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Over the years, the company has built a reputation of excellence by professionally executing its briefs and delivering the best value to clients. Also, UTM Offshore Limited is known to bring vision, innovation, well design programs and integrity to all its operations. UTM was set up with the vision of becoming a leading world-class marine services provider of Nigerian origin with outstanding services provider comparable with standards of leading marine services providers anywhere in the world.

This is done by creating and delivering value by offering professional service to clients at the highest standard attainable within the maritime sector. Currently, the company is duly registed with the necessary regulatory bodies. AB Offshore is another prominent offshore company that has carved a niche in best practices when it comes to providing offshore services. The company is made of highly skilled individuals that are specialists in their field of service enablign them offer top notch services to their clients with regards to marine vessels, systems and services.

In fact, AB Offshore is recognized as one of the offshore companies that provide quality services that meet and exceed customer satisfaction. Founded inElshcon Nigeria Limited ENL is an integrated indigenous group of companies operating in the energy and maritime sectors with focus on value, client satisfaction and retention.

Aveon Offshore Limited is an engineering and fabrication services company that has been providing construction and general fabrication services to the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

The company is one of the major fabricators in Nigeria and has established a solid track record of delivering quality products in a timely manner. The company has an exemplary safety record and the ability to deliver world- class services fully compliant with local content requirements.We deliver world class services to our clients fully compliant with local content requirements.

As an oil and gas servicing firm, we focus primarily on client satisfaction by providing products and services of the highest quality delivered through a relentless insistence on safety, sound ethical and environmental principles. Working Hours. Find What You Need. Africa's no 1. Service Provider. Learn More. Firm In Nigeria. Execution Capabilities. We focus on quality and efficiency. Energy solutions for our client in a safe and sustainable environment.

Creating innovative solutions to real problems facing the industry. Professional and reliable engineering, construction services.

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What we do. Our top notch execution gives clients confidence that Aveon can deliver complex and challenging projects nationwide.

Being a customer centric company, we always deliver projects with the quality and safety the clients expect. We make things happen. We deliver energy solutions to our clients worldwide to enable them meet their short, medium and long term objectives in a safe and sustainable environment.

offshore companies in nigeria

Learn how. What we have done. Our successful projects includes.There are over 50 oil and gas companies in Nigeria. They are among the major stakeholders in the oil and gas industry. Many of these oil and gas companies have branches in other parts of the world.

offshore companies in nigeria

In this article I will share with you the 25 top oil and gas companies in Nigeria. We shall cover the following extended topics:. Shell began their operations in Nigeria in after which they were given their exploration license. This company discovered the first commercial oil field at Oloibiri which is located at the Niger Delta. Before oil was discovered in Nigeria, many African countries had agriculture as their main export.

See Also: 10 best oil and gas training institutes in Nigeria. This is one of the largest oil producers in Nigeria. Chevron is also one of the largest investors in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. They operate under a joint- venture arrangement in concord with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC and their operations are for both offshore and onshore assets in the Niger Delta. They also have extensive interests in operations involving deep water. Chevron operates one of the largest deep water discoveries in Nigeria.

They also have interest in the Usan Field. Total is a multinational energy company that operates with up to countries and they are committed to offering sustainable products and services to their customers. Actually for more than 50 years, Total Nigeria has been the pioneer in the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry of Nigeria. Its distribution network is up to more than service stations across the nations and they offer a wide range of high quality energy products and services.

ExxonMobil is one of the largest oil and gas companies in Nigeria. Their affiliates are involved in the production and exploration of natural gas and crude oil, manufacturing of petroleum products, sale and transportation of crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas. ExxonMobil is a major sellers and manufacturer of special petrochemicals and commodities and they also engage in facilities for electric power generation.

They also conduct research programs that are extensive. They operate in various joint ventures involving deep water production that has a primary focus on the main secondary oil recovery, natural liquids and monetization of gas. Addax Petroleum began in and from Augustthey have been a subsidiary of the Sinopec Group which is one of the largest oil producers of oil and gas in China and they are also one of the biggest oil refiners in Asia and the third largest refiners in the world.

They are among the top oil and gas company in Nigeria. Inthey acquired the assets of Ashland Nigeria and did their first offshore drilling in the oil well OML They are major stake holders in oil exploration in Nigeria. NLNG is also wned by the Nigerian government and they deal on the manufacturing of liquefied gas.But many of the rigs used aren't registered in Nigeria, they sail under foreign flags.

Thus, they aren't subject to local law, and they don't have to pay taxes for the wealth they generate. We show the connections between the companies that own and operate oil rigs, and how they are incorporated as companies in, or working through, maritime tax havens.

offshore companies in nigeria

The visualizations shows the connections between oil rigs in Nigeria, the countries they are registered in and the companies that own, operate and manage them. The use of tax havens — also known as 'flags of convenience' removes control over the rigs from the host country where oil is being exploited to an unrelated jurisdiction. These jurisdictions are often maritime tax havens where oil rigs obtain financial exemptions, perks or legal blind-spots.

Blind spots such as a lack of labor, environmental or financial control, and other critical aspects of the oil economy. Double Offshore serves to connect the dots through ordering data in ways that make sense. As a and to provide case studies in ways that show meaning to the data.

DoubleOffshore explores data that comes from a variety of sources. Here you can find an overview of our data sources and the methods we use to extract the data. To obtain a close-to-exhaustive list of oil rigs we scrape data from databases owned by FPSO and Rigzone Rigzone providing the richer information of the two.

This provides us with vital information such as rig location, jurisdiction and controlling companies - essentially outlining the network of important entities in the oil and gas industry.

Companies are related to oil rigs in three primary ways: as owners, operators and managers.

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All three are relevant when analyzing financial flows. We scrape the names of companies from their databases, publicly available via their websites, and match them up to company data from other sources.

The index ranks jurisdictions according to the secrecy allowed by their legislation and the scale of their activities. As such it is a useful data point by which to gauge the potential for illicit financial flows. Other information shown includes the global maritime flag rank, sourced from the CIA World Factbook, and a short expert analysis for a subset of countries.

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It is usually recognized that petroleum industries and extractive industries more generally require a specialised fiscal regime which takes into account the economic factors peculiar to them. These factors, so the argument goes, would produce unsatisfactory outcomes were general corporate tax regimes simply applied.

The distinctive nature of extraction, then, requires distinctive treatment from a tax perspective. Synthesising from the large literature that is available, the following would appear to be the factors most relevant to oil production in a developing country context:. Offshore oil drilling on the coast of Nigeria is big business.

From tax haven to your doorstep The visualizations shows the connections between oil rigs in Nigeria, the countries they are registered in and the companies that own, operate and manage them. Hover over a box to highlight its connections.

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Click on a box to show more information. Explore the data in detail Select oil rigs by choosing filtering criteria and clicking Show rigs.Our maritime security services are conducted in compliance with a Memorandum of Understanding with the Nigerian Navy, which reinforces our commitment is to maintain a fully compliant and internationally recognized maritime security solution.

As an established and trusted regional security provider, we offer the following services. Read more. Our strength in UTM Offshore Limited is derived from providing a total package from start-to-finish services for a complete project, going from initial planning through design, construction, start-up, operations, …. As a company with focus and strategic partners both local and international, UTM offshore is well positioned to advance to the frontiers of superior marine service provider and to be the leading world-class marine ….

Marine Logistics. Support Services. Services Our strength in UTM Offshore Limited is derived from providing a total package from start-to-finish services for a complete project, going from initial planning through design, construction, start-up, operations, … Read more. Our Vision As a company with focus and strategic partners both local and international, UTM offshore is well positioned to advance to the frontiers of superior marine service provider and to be the leading world-class marine … Read more.

Transport Storage. Testimonials Amazing companyi must recommend. Jude Enoch. First class services John Zaza.


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